Somers Family

Arthur Sylvester Somers married Virginia Augusta Lawrence on Oct. 31, 1887. They lived on Sterling Place in Brooklyn, New York, and built Somerset, "the big house" on Lake Garfield in Monterey, Mass. Their three surviving sons were: Andrew Lawrence (b. 1895), Frederick Lavanberg (b. 1899) and Arthur Alexander (b. 1904).

Andrew lived in on President's Street in Brooklyn, a few blocks away from where he grew up. He married Ruth Edna McCormick, and they had five children: Arthur Sylvester (my father), Andree Maeve, Edward McCormick, Edna Valerie and Andrew Lawrence Jr. Andrew was elected to US Congress in 1924 and died in 1949, at the young age of 54, while still in Congress.

Fred married Janet Johnson, and they had a daughter named Estelle Somers.

Arthur Alexander and his brother Andrew were estranged for a while over a disagreement about the Lavanberg Paint Company following their father's death, and he went to work for a company in Jersey City named Carbon Dispersions, which ground carbon black into a pigment to make paint. Arthur married Dorothy Stites and they lived on Long Island and had two sons: Arthur Lawrence (Larry) and Douglass Goffe. He eventually retired to Hemet, California where he enjoyed gardening, and had a rose garden and a cactus garden that was filled with all kinds of cacti. He had played the violin at Cornell, and after he retired he collected Russian violins.

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