Somers Family Tree

This abbreviated family tree was mainly devised to show where Larry fits into the picture. His father, Arthur Alexander Somers, was the brother of my grandfather, Andrew Lawrence Somers. Their father, Arthur Sylvester Somers, was the son of Charles Edward Somers. Their mother was Virginia Lawrence of the illustrious Lawrence family of Long Island. The picture below shows Arthur Sylvester standing on the lawn of the Big House at Monterey, with his three sons (left to right) Fred, Arthur and Andrew.

Charles Edward Somers, father of Arthur Sylvester, was born in the Irish Free State, according to the census record. His wife, Mary Ann Philbin, was possibly born in Sligo. His brother Samuel Somers came over on the same ship, and became the godfather of Arthur Sylvester.
m. Mary Ann Philbin 1865.
Arthur Sylvester Somers b.1866
Samuel E. Somers b. 1867
Charles Somers b. 1869

Charles Somers
m. Mary L. Sewell
Virginia E. b. 1904
Elizabeth b. 1906
Mary Louise b.1908

Arthur Somers became the guardian of his nieces Virginia, Elizabeth and Mary Louise, after both their parents died when they were still young.

Samuel E. Somers
m. Anna
Children: Ethel, Arthur, Florence, Anna

Arthur Sylvester Somers b.1866
m. Virginia Augusta Lawrence in 1887
Children who died young:
Edna May Somers b. 1888 d. 1900 age 12
Virginia E Somers b. 1893 d. 1902 age 10
Arthur Sylvester Somers Jr b, 1894 d, 1896 age 2
Vivien Geraldine Somers b. 1897 d. 1925 age 28

Children who survived:
Andrew Lawrence Somers b. 1895
Frederick Lavanberg Somersb. 1899
Arthur Alexander Somers b. 1904

Andrew Lawrence Somers b. 1895
m. Ruth Edna McCormick
Children: Arthur Sylvester II, Andree Maeve, Edward McCormick, Ruth Edna, Edna Valerie, Andrew Lawrence Jr.

Arthur Sylvester Somers II b.1919
m. Alice Irene Burlington
Children: Pamela, Cynthia, Arthur Sylvester III, Hilary Somers

Andree Maeve Somers b. 1920
m. Thomas J. Ross
Children: Stephanie, Joan, Candy, Rusty, Andy, Tommy, Petey Ross

Edward McCormick Somers b. 1924
m. Maria Giallongo in 1944 d. 1960
Children: Edwina, Susan, Edward McCormick Jr., Clytie, Clinton, April, Maria, Andrew Lawrence II, Angela Somers

m. Nancy Hurd in 1962

Ruth Edna Somers b.1930 d.1931

Edna Valerie Somers b.1932
m. Victor Gonzalez
Children: Laura Valeria, Victoria, Victor Gonzalez

Andrew Lawrence Somers Jr b. 1936
m. Eileen McNamara
Children: Andrew Lawrence Jr, Sheila, Kathleen, Sean Somers

m. Mary Somers

Frederick Lavanberg Somers b. 1899
m. Janet Johnson b. 1923
Children: Estelle b. 1927

Arthur Alexander Somers b. 1904
m. Dorothy Rodgers Stites in 1933
Children: Arthur Lawrence and Douglass Goffe Somers

Arthur Lawrence (Larry) Somers b. 1936
m. Barbara Wirth 1965
2 adopted children: Christian Lawrence Somers b.1966 and Lorien Wirth Somers b. 1968

m. Suzanne Marie Edgar
1 child: Daniel Lawrence Somers b. 1980

Douglass Goffe Somers b. 1939
m. Evelyn Faye Williams in 1965
2 children: Douglass Arthur Somers b. 1968
Sandra Lynn Somers b. 1970