Arthur S. Somers
Board of Education

Arthur Somers served the Board of Education for 37 years. One could say that education was the great love of his life, and in return he was well-loved by others for the many things he did in that area. He himself was a self-educated man, having had only three years of formal schooling. He loved helping family members and others who would otherwise not have the opportunity to get through school.

In 1896 Arthur Somers was appointed Civil Service Commissioner, serving until Brooklyn became a borough of New York, after which he was selected to represent Brooklyn in the Central Board of Education of Greater New York, serving in that capacity for two years.

In 1907 Arthur Somers was appointed School Commissioner for the City of New York by Mayor McClellan, having declined several appointments to responsible positions with attractive salaries, because he preferred to give his services gratis to the work of developing the public educational system of the metropolis.

Somers continued to serve in the Board of Education in some capacity up until the time of his death in 1932.