Glen Fern
On Lake Garfield



Arthur Sylvester Somers with Grandchildren
Andree Maeve and Arthur Sylvester II


Son Andrew L. Somers
with his firstborn, Arthur


Sons Fred & Andrew
By the Boats


Grandchildren Arthur and Andree
With Vickie the Dog


Grandchildren Andree and Arthur with their mother
Daughter-in-law Ruth Edna McCormick
on the beach with their dogs
(and a friend)


Grandchildren Andree and Arthur
getting bigger


Happy Campers?
Son Andrew and Daughter-in-law Ruth Edna with their children
Andree, Baby Edward, and Arthur


Grandchildren Andree and Arthur
arm & leg wrestling


Grandpa Arthur & Grandson Arthur
doing something interesting


Grandson Edward Somers


Granddaughter Edna Valerie Somers
with Great Granddaughters Pamela and Cynthia


Great Grandson and namesake
Arthur S. Somers III
with his catch of sunny bluegills


Great Grandaughters
Cynthia & Hilary Somers


Now We Are Six: Birthday by the Lake
Great Grandchildren Pam,Steffie, Cindy & Artie


The Beach, the Boat House & the Small Cottage


Grandchildren Cindy and Artie
Fishing off the Boat House


Well somebody had to go in!


Years Later


The Other End of the Lake
Rock Ridge


Life's a Joy!