Arthur S. Somers II
I Monterey


By the lake at Glen Fern
(at the other end of Lake Garfield, where Arthur grew up)

As sexy as Richard Burton
(replacing that golden hair he lost in the Pacific!)

What's so funny?
(that famous sense of humor)

Farmer in his cornfield

Fall harvest

Spring planting

The famous golf cart

Heidi catches a ride

John Deere

Grandaddy's girls on the tractor: Jessie, Heidi, Maisie

By the barn with Aunt Phyllis

Someone's in the kitchen with grandpa

In the kitchen with the Deely's

Lake Garfield

Rock Ridge

Rock Ridge - fall of '92

Rock Ridge - winter of '92

The point - on Lake Garfield

On the point

Raising the flag with Henry

Rock Ridge flags