Grendeddy's 60th Birthday!

November 26 1979


Oh, the Anticipation...

Show's On!

Shhhhh...Quiet in the House!

High Drama

A Little Stage Fright? Meg Coaches Heidi

That's Better - and all without a Hula Hoop!

This is Jolly Good Fun!

Director Meg Takes A Bow


Yes, it was fun - but next time I want to be on the stage too!

Now for some Presents

Bessie The Cow? Just What I Need!

A Marzipan Vegetable Garden?
Another One of Pam's Fabulous Cakes!

That's your tractor! And the soil is real chocolate!

Cutting Grendeddy's Cake - Oops - not TOO big!

Getting the Crumbs Off

A Wonderful Time Was Had By All!

More Pictures Here...



Cast of Characters:
Star: Arthur S. Somers II
Supporting Cast: Alice Somers, Pamela Somers, Cindy and Henry Koeppel,
Heidi and Jessie Koeppel, Hilary and Phil Deely, Maisie Deely,
Mary Ellyn (Meg) Gormley, John and Stella Bodner


Photo Credits: Art Somers III
(The one who isn't in the pictures)