Celebrating Cyn!

Memories of Monterey


Cyn and Baby Hil on Lake Garfield
"She ain't heavy, she's my sister!"

Aunt Cyn and her nephew Pip on the Point
At the other end of Lake Garfield, many years later!

Aunt Cyn and her niece Maisie at Rock Ridge

Oh Happy Day!
Fresh Tulips for Mother's Day At Rock Ridge

The Finest Fresh Morels
Cyn, Hil and Ma

The Finest Fresh Farm Eggs
From Marian The Egg Lady

Fresh Bird!

On Grendeddy's Tractor
Jessie Heidi and Maisie

M&D in 1995
at their anniversary dinner
after Dad's successful operation - home free!
We were so happy that day

Cyn & Mom

Cyn & Dad


50th Anniversary: Alice & Arthur Renew their Vows
with Reverend Craig Burlington (Cousin Craig)

50th Anniversary: The Entertainment

50th Anniversary: Posing with Bear Paw